Caregiver Wentzville, MO: Improving your Seniors Memory
Caregiver Wentzville, MO: Improving your Seniors Memory

Have you noticed that your elderly loved one started forgetting things? Maybe they forgot where the house keys were? They might have lost their grocery list. They might not have remembered the name of their grandchild when they came to visit. Some memory loss is normal as people get older. There might be some ways that you can help your elderly loved one to improve their memory.  

Exercising Daily 

Exercising can help to increase the amount of blood flow that goes through the body and to the brain. Exercising daily, even for a 10-minute walk, can help your elderly loved one to feel better. It can help to increase the blood flow which could improve your loved one’s memory.  

Mental Activities 

It is important that your elderly loved one takes part in mental activities. Some of the things they can do include card games, board games, crossword puzzles, sudoku, volunteering, and playing an instrument. All of these things can help to keep your loved one’s mind sharp and active.  

Regular Socialization 

Elderly people need to socialize on a regular basis. Without regular socialization, your elderly loved one might experience more stress and depression. Both of these things can lead to memory loss. If you can schedule socialization time for your elderly loved one with yourself, family members, friends, and caregivers, this can help to reduce their memory loss.  

Better Organization 

Another way to help improve your elderly loved one’s memory is to make sure they are organized. Living a chaotic lifestyle or in a messy environment can lead to memory loss. You can help your elderly loved one to have better organization by making sure they have a calendar for their appointments and making to-do lists. Making a special spot for their glasses, keys, and other important things is a great idea, too.  

Sleep Schedule 

If your elderly loved one isn’t getting quality sleep, they are more likely to forget things. If you want to help them improve their memory, make sure they are on a healthy sleep schedule. They should be going to bed and getting up at the same time every day.  

Memory loss can be frustrating and scary. Sometimes there is a deeper cause for memory loss. Other times it is just a normal sign of aging. In some cases, the environment that your loved one is in and their lifestyle could be causing their memory loss. If they use the tips above, these things could help to improve their memory.  

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