What Causes Behavior Changes in People with Dementia?

Senior Care Ballwin, MO: Seniors and Behavior Changes
Senior Care Ballwin, MO: Seniors and Behavior Changes

Dementia causes a wide range of changes for a person. One of the more frustrating changes can be that your senior’s behavior may seem to change without warning. Because of how dementia affects your elderly family member, those behavior changes might be hints that something else is going on. 

Being Overly Tired 

When your elderly family member is tired, it’s much more difficult for her brain to function and to express what she needs and wants. It’s the same with people who don’t have dementia, but people without dementia are still able to express what’s going on. Your senior doesn’t have that same ability at all times. One way around this is to help your senior to get the sleep and the rest that she needs on a more consistent basis. 

Experiencing Frustration 

Dementia is frustrating. You know that from your own experience helping a senior with dementia. But it’s also extremely frustrating for her. There are a lot of things that may be a lot more difficult for her now or that she can’t do at all. That’s a lot of loss and grief that she’s processing. If you couple that with difficulty expressing thoughts and feelings, that contributes to the frustration. 

Feeling Uncomfortable or in Pain 

Physical discomfort and pain may also cause behavior changes in a person with dementia. Again, it’s difficult for your elderly family member to express to you what’s happening. If this is pain she’s experienced for a long time, say due to arthritis or another chronic condition, how she perceives that pain may also be different than it used to be.  

Unmet Physical Needs 

Everyone has needs throughout the span of a day. For your elderly family member with dementia, those needs might not be ones that she’s able to share with you in a way that makes sense. If she’s thirsty, hungry, or needs the bathroom, you might start to see behavior changes rather than indications that tell you what’s happening. It helps a great deal to have a regular schedule and routine for these needs so that you can cover them all throughout the day. 

This can be a lot to keep up with as a primary family caregiver. Having help from senior care providers can make understanding these behavior changes much easier. They’ve got experience with these situations and can help you to put together a plan that works for your senior. 

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