Tips to Better Bathroom Safety for Senior Citizens

Companion Care at Home in St. Charles, MO: Bathroom Safety
Companion Care at Home in St. Charles, MO: Bathroom Safety

Many senior citizens get injured after falling in their bathroom. In fact, there are a lot of studies that say the bathroom is the most dangerous room in the house for elderly people. If you are in charge of your elderly loved one’s care from day to day, it may be helpful to learn some tips on better bathroom safety for them. Once you have these tips, you and companion care at home providers can help your elderly loved one to implement them.  

Using a Shower Chair 

One of the best bathroom safety tips for the elderly is to have them use a shower chair. There are far too many senior citizens who fall in their shower or tub because they don’t have great balance or they slip and fall. If you are concerned that this will happen with your elderly loved one, it is best to get them a shower chair. If the shower chair is always in your elderly loved one’s bathtub or shower, they can use it whenever they need to. They won’t need to ask. If your elderly loved one needs help getting the chair into or out of the tub, you or a home care provider can assist with this.  

Getting a Shelving Unit for the Bathtub 

Does your elderly loved one feel unsteady of their feet when reaching to the side of the bathtub for soaps? If so, it may be a good idea to get them a shelving unit or organizer for their bathing products. The shelving unit should be at an arm’s reach, so your elderly loved one can reach it standing straight up. The fewer times that your elderly loved one has to reach down or stretch way too high in their bathtub, the less likely they will be to have a fall while bathing or showering. If needed, you or a senior care provider can help to install the shelving unit or bathtub organizer.  

Placing Down Non-slip Surfaces 

One of the best ways to help prevent bathroom-related falls in the elderly is to place down non-slip surfaces. These should be placed in the bathtub/shower and on the floor in the bathroom, as well. There are many bathtub mats you can get that stick directly onto the bathtub. They have suction cups, so it is difficult for them to move. In addition, you can get bathroom mats for the floor just outside the bathtub. These can be held down with tape under the mat. Every once in a while, you or a companion care at home provider can get these up and wash them for your elderly loved one, if needed.  


These are some of the tips for better bathroom safety for senior citizens. Now that you are equipped with these tips, make sure to give them to your elderly loved one. Let them know how you are prepared to help them prevent falls in their bathroom.  

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