Take Time to Talk About Aging at Home

Elder Care O'Fallon, MO: Aging at Home
Elder Care O’Fallon, MO: Aging at Home

AARP performed a study of people age 65 or older. One thing that came up during this study is that almost 90 percent of the respondents admit they want to age in their home and never have to move. They don’t want to leave their community, neighborhood, or house.

Aging at home may be your parents’ wish, but you need to make sure they can do so in a safe, secure manner. It’s time to gather the family and discuss your parents’ plan to stay in their current home.

Address Possible Safety Issues

It’s an excellent time to walk through the home and look for possible safety issues. Your parents’ stairs to the basement laundry room have never had a handrail. It’s time to install one or hire a contractor to add one. Existing stair rails need to be inspected for splinters and loose screws.

Ensure the lighting in each room, on the stairs, and in entryways is bright enough. If there are dark, shadowy areas, they need to be illuminated to prevent a fall. You also want to check tile flooring for loose or cracked tiles and make sure carpeting is tight and not coming apart at the seams.

In the bathroom, check for grab bars. If there aren’t any at the toilet or inside the shower or bathtub, install them. The shower or bath floor needs to have a non-slip mat or decals to prevent a fall.

Discuss Their Health

Find out if your parents have any chronic health conditions. Common ones include high blood pressure, arthritis, and diabetes. If they do have any health concerns, ask what they’re doing to stay healthy. What does their doctor recommend?

Are they on a special diet? Do they have prescription medications they take daily? If so, take a look at their daily routine and see if they have a hard time remembering to do tasks without reminders. Medication reminders, support while exercising, and help cooking suitable meals and snacks may be necessary.

Use Elder Care to Keep Them Safe and Engaged

Elder care helps your parents fulfill their goals. As they age, they may find some chores are hard to complete independently. That doesn’t mean they need to move. They can stay in their home and have caregivers help them with the more challenging daily routines.

Call an elder care agency and ask about the benefits of caregivers. From transportation to assistance with meals and snacks, elder care services are exactly what your parents need to fulfill their goals of living in their home and avoiding a move.

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