Smart Home Assistant Tips for the Elderly

Elderly Care Chesterfield, MO: Smart Home Devices
Elderly Care Chesterfield, MO: Smart Home Devices

There are so many different types of electronic devices these days that can benefit people of all ages. However, the truth is that many elderly people don’t do well with a lot of these devices. With that being said, it might be beneficial for you or an elderly care provider to walk your elderly loved one through how to use a smart home assistant product. There are so many ways that a smart home assistant can help your elderly loved one in their daily life.  

Getting Reminders 

One of the top ways that a smart home assistant can benefit the elderly is by giving them the reminders they need. For example, many elderly people take medications every day. Your elderly loved one can tell the smart home assistant to give them a reminder to take their medication at the proper time. Once the time comes, the smart home assistant will say the reminder aloud. It is important to mention that you or an elderly care provider may also want to check in to ensure the assistant worked properly in giving these reminders.  

Turning Lights On 

There are some smart home assistants that will turn the lights on in the house. Some of these work by saying to turn on the lights. Others work with the click of a button on a smartphone or tablet. This could be very convenient and helpful for your elderly loved one. For example, if your loved one needed to use the bathroom in the middle of the night and they told the smart home assistant to turn on the lights, it would be done. This could greatly reduce your elderly loved one’s risk of having a fall in the middle of the night.  

Calling People 

Smart home assistants make calling friends, family members, and others very easy. All your elderly loved one would need to do is to say “Call my sister”, for example. The number that is saved under their phone for “my sister” would be dialed. With some of the smart home assistants, the product would even video call the person your elderly loved one is trying to reach. This way, they could see their friends and family members. These products make it much easier to socialize regularly, especially when your elderly loved one isn’t able to leave their house as often as they would like to.  


These are some of the smart home assistant tips that could greatly benefit your elderly loved one. Now that you know more about what these devices can do for your elderly loved one, you should find one that they would like. Just try to remember that it usually takes elderly people a bit longer to learn how to use these devices. This means that you or an elderly care provider may need to help them figure out the instructions for awhile.  

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