Reasons for Lack of Nutrition in the Elderly

Companion Care at Home in Ballwin, MO: Lack of Nutrition
Companion Care at Home in Ballwin, MO: Lack of Nutrition

Unfortunately, there are many elderly people who aren’t getting their nutritional needs met. If this is the case for your elderly loved one or you want to prevent this for them, it is vital to learn about the common reasons for lack of nutrition in the elderly. If you recognize any of these issues in your elderly loved one, you may want to get companion care at home services for them. These home care providers can remind your elderly loved one to eat better or help them to eat.  

Chewing Problems 

Your elderly loved one might experience chewing problems at some point. There are many senior citizens who experience this issue. Some reasons for these problems include: 

  • Pain or a disorder of the jaw 
  • Teeth or gum issues 
  • Having dementia 

No matter what the reason is for your elderly loved one’s chewing problems, it would be a good idea to have elder care providers help them. They can cut food up smaller or assist in helping your elderly loved one to eat in other ways.  

Medication Side Effects 

What medications is your elderly loved one on right now? If they are on a new medication from their doctor and then they started having issues eating, it could be a medication side effect. It is vital that elderly people are able to eat nutritiously. If you suspect that one of your elderly loved one’s medications is causing their eating issues, talk to their doctor about it. See if something can be done to change their medications.  

Mental Health Issues 

When you talk to or see your elderly loved one, what do they act like? Maybe, you notice they are not talking as much as they used to. You might notice they only give short responses to your conversations with them. If this is out of the norm for your elderly loved one, it could be caused by mental health issues. If you come to find out that is the case, make sure your elderly loved one knows there are many people who can and want to help them. This could include yourself, therapists, other family members, and companion care at home providers.  


There are so many reasons why some elderly people aren’t getting the nutrition they need. If your elderly loved one isn’t eating well, make sure you try figuring out why this is happening. If they have any of the issues mentioned above, hopefully, they will let you or a senior care provider help them.  

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