Elderly Care St. Peters, MO: Handing Memory Loss
Elderly Care St. Peters, MO: Handing Memory Loss

Research shows that nearly half of all people 50 and older have some memory loss. Sometimes, it is just related to getting older. However, other times, it is related to dementia or other neurodegenerative conditions. With this being noted, as a family caregiver, there are some tips to better handle your elderly parent’s memory loss.  

Keeping Doing Similar Activities 

One of the things that you should do if your elderly parent has memory loss is to keep doing similar activities. For instance, if your elderly parent and you have always gone for walks on the weekend, you should keep doing this, if possible. If you can’t still do this, maybe you could walk around your parent’s yard with them. Continuing to do similar activities can help to keep your elderly parent’s memory intact for longer.  

Incorporating Music  

You and elderly care providers can also start incorporating music into your elderly parent’s daily schedule. Research shows that music has a way of helping people remember past experiences. For instance, you could play the song that your parent danced to on their wedding day. This can help them to remember their wedding, a positive time in their life. You could also play the music that you and your parent listen to often. This can help them to stay connected to you, even if they are losing their memory.  

Practicing a Healthy Diet and Exercise 

Research also shows that eating right and exercising can help to prevent and/or slow down memory loss. If your elderly parent is losing their memory, you can create better meal plans for them. You can also create an exercise schedule for them. If your elderly parent needs reminders to do these things, you and their elderly care providers can be there for them.  

Getting Support for Yourself 

In addition to the things that you and elderly care providers do for your elderly parent, you should get support for yourself, as well. It can be tough dealing with your parent’s memory loss. Joining a support group or getting other types of support can help you to better cope.  


These are some of the tips to better handle your elderly parent’s memory loss. With these tips, you can help to slow down the progression of memory loss for your elderly parent. You can also learn how to better cope with their memory loss. If you are concerned that your elderly parent’s memory loss isn’t due to just aging, you should talk to their doctor to see what might be causing it.  

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