Elder Care O'Fallon, MO: Making Friends as Seniors
Elder Care O’Fallon, MO: Making Friends as Seniors

Many elderly adults feel lonely because they lose their friends. Some of their friends may pass away while others may move into a nursing home. If your elderly loved one is feeling lonely, it is important for them to know that they can keep making friends even as they get older. By doing the following things, your elderly loved one can make new friends. While this may not replace the void they feel from the friends they have lost, it will help them to stay socialized and happy. 

Joining Clubs 

One of the best ways for your elderly loved one to continue making friends is by having them join clubs. You or their elder care provider can check the local area to see which clubs are active. Some of the clubs you may find include sewing, golfing, crafting, singing, gardening, and hiking clubs. Once your elderly loved one attends one or more of these clubs a few times, they can get to know the other members of the club and possibly develop friendships, as well. 


Your elderly loved one can get into volunteering. This could help them to make new friends, even as they get older. Not only will they meet people who want to help others, but they could develop a lasting friendship. Every city needs volunteers whether that be in a school, hospital, library, or somewhere else. Let your elderly loved one help you pick out a place for them to volunteer. 

Join Classes 

You may also find that there are classes in your elderly loved one’s local area that they might enjoy. Some of these are held at colleges and universities while others are held at community centers or libraries. Find out what your elderly loved one may be interested in learning and sign them up for a class. While at the class, they can meet others who have similar interests and make friends.  

Go to the Senior Center 

If there is a senior center around your elderly loved one, it might be helpful for them to visit there. Many of these places provide entertainment and games. There might be arts and crafts, bingo games, and more. This is a great place for your elderly loved one to meet other senior citizens. 

These are some of the best ways for your elderly loved one to keep making friends as they get older. Socializing is important at all ages. Keep your elderly loved one going by helping them to find some friends.  

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