Home Care Assistance Makes It Easy For Seniors To Enjoy The Summer

Home Care Services O'Fallon, MO: Summer and Seniors
Home Care Services O’Fallon, MO: Summer and Seniors

Summer is here and it’s the perfect time for family gatherings, long afternoons spent enjoying the warm weather, and walks to the park or through the neighborhood. But many seniors who are aging in place may have trouble with some of the physical tasks that are necessary to enjoy these summer delights. Home care assistance can help. With home care assistance to help seniors manage tasks around the house your senior parent can focus on what really matters this summer by spending time with family and friends. Some of the ways that home care assistance can help seniors enjoy the summer include:

Setting Up The Yard For Fun

Part of the reason why seniors want to age in place is so that they can enjoy their home and their yard or garden. But seniors can have trouble with tasks like mowing the grass, putting out and arranging picnic tables or outdoor furniture, stringing lights, and putting up a volleyball net or setting up a fire pit. With home care assistance seniors will be able to make their outdoor areas just as comfy and inviting as their indoor areas. A care provider can also help make sure that your senior loved one can safely walk around the yard, on walkways, and up and down steps into the house or off the deck. 

Cleaning Up After Gatherings

When hosting family and friends for summer meals, afternoon snacks, or making s’mores around the fire at night there can be a lot of cleanup afterward. Doing the dishes, putting away food, and making sure the kitchen and dining areas are cleaned up can be very difficult for seniors who have poor grip strength, trouble balancing, and other health problems. A care provider can help your senior parent clean up and make sure that the house is clean and safe. 

Helping Prepare Family Favorites

Every family has their own special summer dishes that are a part of festive gatherings, movie nights, and other summer fun. But seniors who are having trouble with mobility or struggle with arthritis may have trouble making these special family dishes. With assistance from a care provider who can help them shop for their special ingredients, chop and dice and mix and do all the other food preparation, and then serve their classic recipes the tastes of summer will be part of the festivities like usual. 

Making Sure Seniors Are Sun Ready 

Seniors who are going to be spending time outdoors need to be ready for the sun. Even if the gathering is in the evening seniors need to wear sunscreen and the right clothing to protect them. Until the sun goes down those UV rays can impact seniors. Seniors who are spending time outdoors during the day in the summer should wear light clothing that provides protection for their skin and a hat as well as sunscreen. Wearing breathable fabrics like linen and cotton will also help seniors stay cool.

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