Home Care Chesterfield, MO: Benefits of Napping
Home Care Chesterfield, MO: Benefits of Napping

Napping is not only for the little ones in our lives. Studies have shown that there are definite health benefits for adults who nap and your parent may find a daily nap will not only give her some needed rest, but improved her health and her mood.  

The problems many people face with napping is napping too long. A good daily nap should be under 30 minutes so as to not let the body get too deep into the sleep cycle. It is meant to be a simple rest for the napper, and keeping it under 30 minutes will usually prevent that dreaded after nap grogginess, called sleep inertia.  

If your parent is feeling the need for a mid-afternoon nap, you and your home care provider can encourage her to go ahead and take a nap. She’ll reap many health benefits from her nap that will help her day to go even better.  

Some benefits of napping include: 

  • Mood Elevation. A small nap in the afternoon may be just what your parent needs to turn off her brain for a little bit and give it a chance to reduce anxiety and stress levels. Even if your parent doesn’t fall asleep, simply disconnecting for 20 minutes can improve her outlook when she gets up.  
  • Memory Enhancement. Sleeping plays an important role in our ability to remember things. Aging can sometimes make short-term memory more difficult so a nap may be just what your parent needs to help her remember the name of her home care provider the next time he stops by.  
  • Connection Creation. A nap gives the brain a chance to slow down and catch up with information already gathered for the day, helping your parent make any needed connections. If your parent is creating a shopping list with her home care provider and simply cannot think of what it is she ran out of in the morning, a nap may help her brain easily grasp that forgotten item after she wakes up, and add it to the shopping list.  
  • Improved Heart Health. A nap can help reduce high blood pressure by reducing the stress your parent may be feeling over a certain situation.  
  • Energy Provision. A 20-minute nap can provide more energy than a cup of coffee. A short nap daily can give your parent she needs to get through the rest of her day, whether that’s running errands with her home care provider or tackling that big pile of laundry.  
  • Better Sleep. It may seem counter-intuitive but taking a daily nap can actually improve your parent’s night-time sleep. So long as the nap is taken well before bedtime, and then followed up with some physical activity like a walk, your parent may find it will actually become easier to fall asleep and stay asleep each evening.  

So, don’t worry the next time you visit your parent and she’s napping on the couch or in the easy chair. She might just be doing something wonderful for her health. And maybe, you’ll want to start doing the same.  

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