Senior Care Town And Country, MO: Four Easy Tips for Keeping Your Senior’s Brain Going 

Brain health is a big deal for your senior. Keeping her brain as active and as engaged as possible is a key component of helping her to maintain her brain health for as long as possible. This doesn’t have to be complex or difficult at all, either. Finding fun ways to spark brain engagement can be easier than you think. 

Keep up with What’s Going on in the World 

World events, or even just local events, can help your senior to keep her brain active and engaged. Reading about what’s going on and seeing and participating in debates and conversations about what’s happening can be beneficial. If current events tend to do things like spike your senior’s blood pressure, though, maybe sticking to topics that don’t get heated could be the way to go. 

Reading Is Vital for Brain Health 

Reading, whether it’s fiction or non-fiction, is hugely beneficial for brain activity. If your senior has never been interested in reading before, it can help to find a story that she likes or to find a non-fiction category that’s interesting to her. If she’s a history buff, then biographies and autobiographies of famous historical figures might be just the thing, for instance. 

Play Some Games 

Games are a fun way to pass the time, but they’re also a sneaky way to teach, to learn, and to fire up the brain. That’s a lot of why kids play games while they’re learning. They can be just as fun and brain healthy for your senior, too. Card games, board games, and even word games can all be equally effective. Like with reading, there may be some games that are more appealing to your senior. Play to her strengths and follow her lead on this. 

Hobbies Fire up Your Senior’s Brain 

Another idea to try is finding new hobbies for your senior to try out. If she’s got a hobby now that she enjoys, try to make that hobby as easy for her to keep up with as possible. She might enjoy trying something new that she’s never tried before, too. Local classes and seminars at the library or at community centers can be a great place to get ideas. 

Having new people around can also keep your senior’s brain going. One idea might be hiring senior care providers. They can offer companionship and they may be able to take over some routine household tasks for your senior, too. That offers her a chance to expand her opportunities to socialize. 

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