Elderly Care Ballwin, MO: Sheltering in Place
Elderly Care Ballwin, MO: Sheltering in Place

Sheltering in place and using social distancing to avoid the coronavirus are two very important pieces of helping to get the pandemic under better control. But this can be emotionally trying for your senior, especially if she’s always been a social person. Some of these ideas might be helpful. 

Maintain Contact with People  

Social distancing is about being physically distant from other people. That doesn’t mean, however, that your senior has to be emotionally distant from anyone at all. Maintaining contact with other people is going to take forms that are different from what she might be used to. 

Use Technology to Hold Virtual Get Togethers 

Technology can be your senior’s friend now, even if she’s normally not so comfortable with it. Many tablets and smartphones have access to apps that make video chats with family members and friends so much easier to have. Lots of groups and organizations are also looking at using software typically used for webinars and distance learning to hold virtual get togethers. 

Write Down Future Social Ideas 

It’s tough to want to do something and then realize that the situation demands that you put that idea off. Help your senior to start collecting a list of future social ideas. This ensures she doesn’t forget anything when she’s able to meet up with other people again. 

Take Advantage of Life Slowing Down 

For people who are very social and active, it can be really difficult to experience a sudden slowdown in all of those activities. There can be an upside to slowing down, though. This can give your senior a chance to reach out to people she doesn’t talk to often, either via phone or through other means, like sending a card or letter. 

Have Virtual Meals with People 

Eating with family members and friends is something your senior might be missing right now, too. It’s possible to share meals together, even though it’s not quite the same as sitting around the same table. A group phone call or a group video chat while everyone is eating can be a substitute. 

Elderly care providers know how important it is for your senior to get help when she needs it. They are also well-versed in taking precautions to make sure they don’t bring germs to your senior, so they can help her to have necessary items delivered to her without having to be around a lot of other people in the process. 

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