Does Your Elderly Loved One Want to Diet? Here Are Steps They Should Take.

Home Care Assistance in Webster Groves, MO: Seniors and Diets
Home Care Assistance in Webster Groves, MO: Seniors and Diets

There are many different types of diets that are good for senior citizens. In addition, one person doesn’t always have to follow a specific diet. They can just make healthier eating choices, do portion control, and follow through with other dieting recommendations. If your elderly loved one wants or needs to go on a diet, there are some steps they should take to do so in a safe manner.  

Having a Partner or Accountability Buddy 

It has been found that people who have a dieting partner or accountability partner do better with dieting than those who don’t have one. There are numerous ways that having a partner or accountability buddy can benefit your elderly loved one when they are implementing healthier eating choices including: 

  • Having someone else who will commit to eating well 
  • Having someone that will encourage them to keep to healthier eating 
  • Having someone who will hold them accountable to eating well and avoiding unhealthy foods 

If your elderly loved one needs someone who can do these things, maybe it is something that you might consider doing. If not, the home care assistance providers that go to your elderly loved one’s home could also step up and do this.  

Doctor Recommendations 

If your elderly loved one feels they need to lose weight or they want to stick to a certain type of diet, it would be a good idea for them to talk to their doctor about this. There are some diets that aren’t that safe for senior citizens, especially if they are on certain medications. If needed, you can have a home care provider take your elderly loved one to this appointment. Then, the home care assistance provider can let you know what the doctor says.  

Meet Dietary and Nutritional Needs 

If your elderly loved one does decide they are going on a diet, it is crucial they continue to meet their dietary and nutritional needs. Remember, some diets won’t meet those needs. It is important to make sure the diet will include nutritional foods that help your elderly loved one to stay healthy.  


These are some of the steps that your elderly loved one should take if they are considering going on a diet. If needed, they should talk to their doctor about their dieting plans. It would also be helpful if you and/or senior care providers helped your elderly loved one throughout their dieting process. If, at any time, your elderly loved one isn’t feeling good when they are dieting, they should change things up, so they are getting more vitamins and nutrients. Sometimes, even more healthy fats should be added to the diet.  

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