Elderly Care O'Fallon, MO: Seniors and Landlines
Elderly Care O’Fallon, MO: Seniors and Landlines

It’s hard for older adults to give up the conveniences they grew up with. For your dad, it’s his landline. It’s costing him a fortune and he has a cellphone, so he could easily go without his landline. He’s not as convinced. 
Traditional landlines are expensive. It’s estimated that traditional landlines cost upwards of $60 per month. VoIP phone services are less expensive, but your dad must be connected to the internet to use them. 
As infrastructure changes and older copper phone wires become outdated and switch to fiber optics, it’s important to weigh the pros and cons of keeping a traditional landline and how switching to newer technology saves him money. 
VoIP Provides Service When Cellphone Service is Spotty 
With a VoIP phone, your dad has traditional phones throughout his house. They connect to the internet service he has and allows him to talk to people over the phone through the internet. He still pays for the internet, but the VoIP phone service will be far less than traditional phone service. There are free services that work well and just require you to purchase the VoIP box. 
Not every homeowner needs VoIP. If your dad lives in the country and cellphone towers are not close by, he may benefit from VoIP. He can hook up the company’s box to his internet modem and have phone service through phones that are then connected to the VoIP box. 
Is Cellular Service Enough? 
He may not need VoIP if he has strong cellphone service at his house. As long as he doesn’t live in a dead zone, his cellphone will be the only phone he needs. With AARP partnerships with companies like Consumer Cellular, your dad can have cellphone service for well under $50 per month. 
Cellular service has dropped in price over the past years. Depending on how much your dad uses his phone, he may not need a higher-tier cellphone plan. If he doesn’t use a lot of data, he can get the lowest plan and save a lot of money. 
Your dad doesn’t have to be alone all day. Elderly care ensures he’s with a caregiver at the hours you arrange. He’ll have caregivers to keep him company, help him make appointments, and assist him with daily tasks like laundry and cleaning. Set up the hours and days he needs help by calling an elderly care agency.

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