Do You Know the Latest Scams Targeting Older Adults?

In-Home Care in St. Charles, MO: Scams and Seniors
In-Home Care in St. Charles, MO: Scams and Seniors

The FTC received well over two million fraud complaints in 2020. More than 30% of those complaints involved some level of monetary loss. 
When you’re a family caregiver, it’s important to continually remind your parents of the most common scams targeting older adults. Do you know all of them? 
Car Warranties 
Car warranties are one of the most common phone scams. You answer the phone to learn your car warranty has expired. Most people know it’s a scam and hang up, but would your parents be so quick to ignore it? 
Contest/Sweepstakes Scams 
Your parents get a call or postcard stating they’ve won a prize and just need to pay a fee to collect the prize or cover the taxes for that prize. If they’ve won an item, they don’t need to pay. Make sure your mom and dad know that. 
COVID-19 Scams 
Several COVID-19 scams hit after the pandemic started. Scammers offered appointments for vaccinations, but vaccinations were free. They tried to sell fake N95 masks and “official” vaccination cards. Some even created surveys to collect personal information that people shouldn’t be sharing. 
Impersonation Scams 
Impersonation scams occur when a scammer calls and acts as some type of official. Some of the more common ones are from police officers, IRS agents, Social Security officials, and supposed relatives. 
Police officers and IRS agent calls often start with a sentence about unpaid fines or tickets are leading to charges. If the target doesn’t pay up immediately, officers will show up to arrest them. Social Security scams are also prevalent and usually involve the loss of benefits if the victim doesn’t share confidential information. 
Grandparent scams usually have a person acting as a lawyer, doctor, police officer, or grandchild who is in trouble. Cash is needed if they’re going to avoid jail or get urgent medical attention. 
Romance Scams 
The show “Catfish” covers many of the romance scams around the world. If your parent is on a social site and gets a message from a stranger, they need to be cautious. Romance scams build over time. The scammer says the right things to ensure your mom or dad feels a strong bond and budding romance. 
Eventually, the scam turns to requests for money to cover urgent bills or to pay for flights so that they can meet in person. The scammer only wants cash. If your mom or dad meets someone online, they need to refuse to ever send funds. 
In-home care services are one way to stop your parents from being scammed. If they have caregivers visiting regularly, they’ll be less likely to want to talk to a stranger on the phone. They enjoy companionship services, easing loneliness. Call an in-home care agency to make arrangements. 

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