Best Overnight Care Tips for the Elderly

24-Hour Home Care in Chesterfield, MO: Overnight Care Tips
24-Hour Home Care in Chesterfield, MO: Overnight Care Tips

Senior citizens should be getting about 7 to 9 hours of sleep every night. However, the truth is that many senior citizens don’t even get half this amount of quality sleep each night. There are numerous symptoms that your elderly loved one may experience when they aren’t getting enough sleep including depression, memory issues, irritability, and having an increased risk of falling. The most important thing you can do, as a family caregiver, is to provide or get your elderly loved one the best overnight care. The care they receive should help them to get better sleep at night. 

Sleep Schedule

One of the best overnight care tips for the elderly is to have them follow a good sleep schedule. For example, if your elderly loved one isn’t already doing so, they should set a bedtime. This is the time they need to be in bed without electronics, laying down and getting ready to fall asleep. It should be the same time every day or at least close to it. They should have a time for waking up, as well. 

Avoid Naps

Does your elderly loved one take a lot of naps in the afternoon or evening? If so, this could be keeping them up at night or waking them up in the middle of the night. It is vital that senior citizens, or anyone really, doesn’t take naps that late in the day. If your elderly loved one does need a nap, encourage them to take one in the late morning hours instead. You or a 24-hour home care provider can remind them to keep the nap short, too. 

Bedtime Routine

You or a home care provider could also help your elderly loved one stick to a bedtime routine, as well. This routine can include many things such as no television after a certain time, reading a book before going to sleep, brushing their teeth and hair before going in the bedroom, etc. The more relaxed your elderly loved one can get before going to bed, the more likely they will be to get better sleep at night. If needed, you can have 24-hour home care providers help your elderly loved one with their bedtime routine each night. 

Proper Temperature

Did you know that if someone’s bedroom is too hot or too cold it can affect their sleep quality? Now that you do know this, it is a good idea to find out what temperature your elderly loved one is the most comfortable sleeping in. That way, you or a senior care provider can make sure they have the proper temperature set before they are getting in bed. 


Are you worried about your elderly loved one’s lack of sleep or poor sleep quality? If so, hopefully, the tips that are noted up above can be a great start to helping them to get more and better sleep each night. If you are still concerned about your elderly loved one’s sleep issues after they try these tips for a while, you may want to have them see a doctor. There may be a health issue causing the lack of sleep. 

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