Alzheimer’s Care Gives Family Caregivers A Holiday Break

Alzheimer's Care St. Charles, MO: Alzheimer's Care and Seniors
Alzheimer’s Care St. Charles, MO: Alzheimer’s Care and Seniors

The holidays can be a tough time of the year for seniors, but also for the family caregivers that are taking care of them. If you’re taking care of a senior parent with dementia and you have other obligations like children at home or a full time job the extra stress of the holidays can push you to the brink. Alzheimer’s care for your senior parent can give you the break that you need so that you don’t get burned out by the holidays.

It’s never easy to let someone else care for your senior parent when they have Alzheimer’s. But you don’t have to do everything yourself. Alzheimer’s care is customized care that will take into account the unique needs of your senior parent so that they get safe, compassionate, and empathetic care when you can’t be with them. If you need some time during the holidays to focus on making a good holiday for your kids or if you need to take some time off to recharge before you hit a wall you can count on Alzheimer’s care to make sure that your senior parent is well-taken care of. Some of the benefits of Alzheimer’s care include:

Around The Clock Safety

If you choose around the clock care for your senior loved one then you can take a break knowing that your senior loved one will be safe when you’re not there. And in the event they do require medical care or have an emergency a trained caregiver will be able to get them the help they need immediately. You can fully relax knowing that your senior parent will be as safe as can be and they will have someone with them at all times. 

Continuity of Care

An Alzheimer’s care provider will step into the daily routine that you have already established for your senior loved one so that you don’t have to worry about disruptions to their routine making them anxious or uncomfortable. Caregivers will take instructions from you on what your senior parent’s preferred schedule is and they will stick to that schedule so that your senior parent will maintain a sense of normalcy and routine. Having a routine is important for seniors with Alzheimer’s and caregiver will respect that. 

Help With Activities Of Daily Living

Seniors with Alzheimer’s need help with activities of daily living. When you need a break an experienced caregiver who has training in transferring and other activities of daily living will be helping your senior loved one shower, get dressed, and get safely around the house. A caregiver will also make sure that your senior loved one is eating regular meals, drinking water, and doing all the things that they need to do to stay healthy and be content. You can take the time off that you need to take knowing your senior loved one is being cared for by kind, compassionate, and experienced caregivers who will keep your senior parent safe until you are able to continue caregiving.

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