Caregiver Town And Country, MO: 5 Ways to Prevent Your Parent from Falling 

One of the biggest dangers that older adults face is falls. The changes that occur to the body because of age combined with common medical conditions increase the chances of your parent suffering a fall. Falls can result in minor injuries, but they can also cause serious ones, like fractures and head injuries. In some cases, they even lead to permanent disability. However, the risk of falling shouldn’t keep your elderly parent from living life to the fullest. Instead, family caregivers can take steps to help prevent falls, such as the 5 steps described below. 

#1: Schedule an Appointment with the Doctor 

If your parent is concerned about falling, it can cause them to limit themselves. They may even be less physically active, which further weakens muscles and increases the risk of falling. Schedule a doctor’s appointment to have them evaluated for fall risk. Talk to the doctor about the medications they are taking and ask for alternatives to those that may cause dizziness or balance problems. Also, ask what the senior can do to reduce their chances of falling. This can help to give your parent a sense of control, increasing their confidence and helping to relieve their fear of falling. 

#2: Remove Clutter from the Home 

Clutter in your parent’s home poses a risk of them tripping, especially if the clutter pokes out into walkways. If your parent has a habit of keeping old stacks of magazines or leaving their shoes lying where they take them off, take some time to pick up their house to remove trip hazards. Caregivers should do this regularly to prevent clutter from building up again. 

#3: Suggest an Exercise Class 

Exercising helps to build muscles and improve flexibility, which reduces the risk of falling. Caregivers should encourage their parents to try an exercise class. Try signing them up for one that is designed especially for seniors. Being around people their own age is less intimidating and can be more fun since it also provides a chance for social interaction. 

#4: Modify the Home 

Making some changes to your parent’s house can make a big difference. Some changes to make include: 

  • Removing loose rugs. 
  • Installing grab bars in the bathroom near the shower and toilet. 
  • Increase lighting to improve vision. 
  • Fix any loose or broken steps. 
  • Put regularly used items within easy reach to prevent your parent from standing on chairs or climbing ladders. 

#5: Change Their Shoes 

Ill fitting shoes can cause seniors to fall, too. Shoes that slip off the heel can catch on things and cause your parent to trip. Tight shoes can cause pain that alters the way the older adult walks. Caregivers should take the senior to a shoe store that offers fittings to ensure they are wearing the right shoes. 

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