3 Things No One Talks About When Caring For A Parent With Alzheimer’s

Alzheimer's Care O'Fallon, MO: Parent With Alzheimer’s
Alzheimer’s Care O’Fallon, MO: Parent With Alzheimer’s

When you’re caring for a parent with Alzheimer’s it’s normal to feel a little overwhelmed. It’s not an easy thing to do, and even though there is help out there you may not know where to look for that help. Talking to other people whose parents have Alzheimer’s can be a great way to learn more about what to expect, what you can’t predict, and how to cope with the many challenges that come along with taking care of a parent who has Alzheimer’s. Three things that every person who has a parent with Alzheimer’s should know are:

Get Alzheimer’s Care For Your Senior Parent

The best thing you can do for your senior parent and for yourself is to invest in Alzheimer’s Care for them. Alzheimer’s Care is specialized care tailored to meet the specific needs of seniors with Alzheimer’s. The caregivers who specialize in Alzheimer’s care have education, training, and experience in the best ways to manage the symptoms of Alzheimer’s. They can help you learn how to better communicate with your senior loved one and they can recognize subtle signs and cues that you might miss when your senior loved one can’t communicate their needs to you. 

Alzheimer’s care can change as your senior parent’s needs change. But if you get Alzheimer’s care as soon as your senior loved one is diagnosed the care provider can work with your senior parent and with you to prepare you for what’s coming. It’s a great resource that every family impacted by Alzheimer’s should have. 

Don’t Hesitate To Take A Break

There are a lot of emotions that you have to process as your senior parent’s Alzheimer’s progresses. You will have to process emotional milestones like the first time they don’t recognize you and it’s difficult to do that. Don’t hesitate to take a break and step away for a day or two if you need time to process. Make sure that you continue living your life while still being there for senior parent. You can’t bring your life to a halt and you can’t stop the emotions that you’re going to feel. But you can take the time to process them. Support groups and even counseling can be very helpful as you go through this process. 

Just Focus On Loving Your Parent

No one can tell you in advance how fast Alzheimer’s will progress or how it will manifest for your senior parent. There will be periods of rapid change followed by periods of no change. You will almost always feel like you are not prepared for what’s happening. And that’s ok. Alzheimer’s care can help you with the day to day practical care. The most important thing is to focus on making your senior parent feel loved. They might not know your name, or know who you are to them, but they will know that you love them and that they love you. That’s what really matters. Focus on that.

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